Why SreeKailas?

Sree Kailas Group stand out among the best in the industry due to the following strengths that makes it’s what it is today.

Experience and Expertise

Having worked for almost three decades on numerous segments like paper, logistic and construction projects, Sree Kailas Group has gained enormous amount of business acumen, expertise and technological knowhow in all the areas. Our management intense knowledge database has helped the organization to successfully deliver services, solutions, product to end users. We have been able to meet customers' needs, expectations and budget.


Business Acumen

Sree Kailas Group has over 27 years experience in providing successful services to end users across south India.  We have successfully handled projects of different sizes and complexity in various business domains.

Various Domain Expertise

Sree Kailas Group has rich industry experience in paper industry and today we command a good share of the market in Emerging India. We have successfully taken this model to be implemented in our various other vertical segments and they have indeed yielded the desired successful result as in the paper industry. The domain knowledge acquired over the years helped us be ahead of our competitors, deliver the services and solutions on time with zero tolerance to errors.

Technology know-how

Sree Kailas Group has embraced technology in its day to day activities and made the work culture more sophisticated. We have integrated all our business domains and all our sisters concern with the parent company and today the parent company is able to get information’s at the tip of a finger which makes the decision making of the management faster in their decisions and more accurate in results.


Commitment on Quality

Sree Kailas Group has given lot of importance to Quality. It has ensured that all the divisions of the company have exclusive quality assurance department who should ensure the product reaching the end user should be monitored from the initial stage to the final product. Company has invested a lot of its time and thorough professional to ensure there are fewer defects, less project loss and zero tolerance on substandard products.

Our Strength is our People

We have 1000 odd dedicated manpower working for the surging growth of the company.  Management has ensured the best professionals are hired and they need to stand out in their services to the company. The staff reliability is measured by the fact that the brain drain in the company is the least over the years.


Customer is our God

Sree Kailas Group is a client-centric and people friendly organization. We use our extensive strength of knowledge to ensure that we can cater to all types of request and demand in less time and with better services..

Reliability and Delivering on Time

Sree Kailas Group believes “our successes are measured by the success of the end user.
We will never stop at improving our services, embrace latest technologies, and develop more and more quality systems since “we have to be the best among the best”.